Cybin Develops Dovel Psychedelic Treatments

(C) Reuters. Cybin Develops Dovel Psychedelic Treatments

Cybin (CYBN) is a clinical research company focused on using psychedelic therapeutics for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Its business consists of novel drug discovery, propriety drug formulation and delivery, and novel treatments. (See Analysts’ Top Stocks on TipRanks)

Cybin develops novel psychedelic treatments for four psychiatric disorders, one of which is entering a Phase 2 clinical study on humans. The company has patents for its psychedelic molecules and applications. The company operates without revenue, but survives from market offerings. It has partnerships in place for completing its clinical research, and bringing drugs to market.

There is high investor sentiment over the potential for success with the company’s research. I’m neutral on this stock, since its recent NYSE listing has not been on the uptrend.

Effective Psychedelic Treatments

The company has four drug programs which are being developed for the treatment of depression, alcoholism, anxiety, and therapy resistant psychiatric disorders.

Cybin has more than 50 proprietary molecules originating from DMT, MDMA, psilocybin, and other psychedelic substances. It has completed pre-clinical studies, and is moving toward human studies. The company has filed for 14 patents covering its novel psychedelic compounds, delivery and treatment methods, and novel drug discovery methods.

The company aims to improve the bioavailability of the psychedelic compounds, and to make an effective ingestion method with quicker onset of and shorter duration of mental effects. The company is also fine tuning the treatment of psychiatric disorders using the novel drugs.

The company is working with a catalog of psychedelic molecules which have already been proven effective for treating these psychiatric disorders. Cybin is conducting an approved Phase 2 clinical trial to test the effectiveness of sublingual psilocybin on human patients with depression.

The study has 120 participants and will be randomized and double blind. It will last 12 months including follow up sessions. The company expects similar results based on previous research showing that some patients no longer have symptoms after treatment.

Cybin has partnerships in place for accelerating its research and clinical trials. Most recently, the company made a partnership with TMS NeuroHealth Centers, a subsidiary of Greenbrook TMS (GBNH). Cybin will benefit from NeuroHealth’s 129 outpatient mental health facilities in the United States.

The company has made other recent partnerships. Cybin made an agreement with Catalent (NYSE:CTLT) to use its oral dosing technology for improved delivery and effectiveness. Cybin has a partnership with Kernel to use the company’s neuroimaging technology whereby one can monitor brain activity in real time during psychedelic experiences.

Cybin has also announced expansion of its research partnerships into Europe, where it plans to patent its novel drugs and treatments.

Cybin Raises C$120M

As of its last Q1 2021 quarterly report, the company reported C$55.1 million in cash and equivalents. It reported a net loss of C$14.7 million and quarterly operating expenses of C$9.1 million.

Cybin raised C$120 million from market offering, and has plans for more financing. As it stands, the company’s assets outweigh its liabilities, but the question remains whether there is enough capital to ultimately finish trials and bring drugs to market.


The company operates without revenue, and no estimate on bringing a treatment to market.

If the company experiences negative results with research, then the stock price and overall valuation can fall.

Wall Street’s Take

According to Wall Street, Cybin has a Strong Buy consensus rating, based on five Buys assigned in the past three months. At $8.25, the average Cybin price target implies 289.2% upside potential.


There is great hope that the company will have successful outcome with its trials, something investors should keep an eye on.

Disclosure: At the time of publication, Alan Sumler owned shares of Cybin.

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Cybin Develops Dovel Psychedelic Treatments

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